Kathleen Kaiser

April 20, 2010 

Kathleen Kaiser
Contributing Writer

Hello Lipstik Readers! You truly don't know how exciting it is to be the newest Contributing Writer for Lipstik Magazine. I have been a Belleville Resident since the age of 6, even though my husband of almost 23 years doesn't let me claim "Born and Raised in Belleville", only he can claim that title in our home. I have two beautiful girls, ages 19 and 10....so yes ladies, I enjoy both ends of the parenting spectrum! I graduated from Belleville East High School in 1982, attended St. Louis University and I am now attending Lindenwood University in Belleville! Going back to school has been a dream of mine and I finally took the plunge and made it happen. Along with my journalistic aspirations and striving to be the "BEST MOM EVER", I also work as an Independent Contractor for the Walt Disney Company at Radio Disney AM 1260, since I do my best work when I am really busy....sound familiar ladies? Living in the St Louis Metropolitan area has given me so much joy over the years that I decided to make my "comings and goings" inspirational reading for all the Lipstik Readers with a new column entitled "All Around Town". Who knows where I will turn up next or who I will have the pleasure of running into. The Lipstik staff has also given me a wonderful opportunity to live out my life's dream....by becoming the new Movie Critic for the Magazine. Be sure to keep an eye out for the MOVIE MAVEN all over the St. Louis Metropolitan area....you never know which movie I'll be watching or what movie theatre I'll be showing up in next!

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