Smooch Sept 2010

September 9, 2010 

My mom says I like weddings more than being married. Well, duh. Weddings are all about dress up and romance and happily ever after. Marriage is hard. (apologies to all the single ladies who don't know this, but its true)

As we are in the thick of "wedding season," a friend recently complained about yet another wedding she felt obligated to attend. The other girls agreed, nodding their heads in unison. She asked rhetorically, "Does anyone really want to go to a wedding?" Yes! Yes! Pick me, pick me!

I, for one, love weddings (yes, even those for which I'm not the bride). This probably started with one of my earliest childhood memories. When I was about 4, my first cousin was married at our house. I was in my parents' bedroom as my mom helped the bride get ready. How exciting! The marriage didn't last. But my fascination with weddings did.

As I grew up, I would occasionally ask my mom to see her wedding gown, stored in her cedar chest. It was just the most beautiful thing I ever saw. All lace and tulle and magical. I borrowed the tiara from her veil and used it in my wedding (ahem, my first wedding). I even had a bride doll that I wouldn't let any of my friends play with (or even touch really).

Now, I'm hooked on the wedding-related TV shows, especially Say Yes To the Dress (and now, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta -- dresses and southern accents!). I already have a pretty good idea of the gown I want for my next wedding (uh, oh - I think my mom just passed out reading that). It will be the opposite of the ball gowns I've worn previously -- definitely a mermaid or fit-n-flair style (this is after a major diet of course -- have to get back to "wedding weight"). It should be elegant, but not conservative, since my third wedding will be in Vegas. Spring would be nice as I've already had the "June wedding" (cliche I know but I was 23) and the fall wedding. And, I have to move the ceremony inside as the first two were open-air.

I basically have everything planned -- dress style, location, season -- I just need the groom.

Wait . . . scratch that. I have everything I need. For now.

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