Smooch Sept 2011

September 8, 2011 


I think a lot of OCD people make lists (that's obsessive compulsive disorder and if you're lucky enough not to know that, you probably don't have it or live with someone who does!). Anyway, I make lists for everything, including this column from time to time as you may have noticed. And today's column will be no exception!

Work To-Do Lists A lot of non-OCD folks do this too, but I make a new list every day with a red felt-tip pen and mark a check next to every item completed. Sometimes, I even write things down after I've finished them, just to give myself the satisfaction of checking it off. Ahhhh.

Shopping Lists Anyone who knows me knows I don't cook, but I still go to the grocery store. Where else can I get bottled water and vodka in one easy trip? I make lists for the drug store, Lancome counter, Target. Don't get me started on "Tar-jay!" I still say it's cheaper to buy all of your toiletries at the grocery store - lists are NO match for Target! They are so good at merchandising, you get sucked into an end-aisle display and before you know it, you have a "Sounds of Waterfalls" CD in your cart!

Travel Packing Lists This is my favorite and came from my friend Julie, who emailed her spreadsheet to me before our trip to Greece. Yes, an Excel spreadsheet for packing! I'm a die-hard Mac person but I have to give this one to Bill Gates. Microsoft Excel is the best for OCD-types - you can sort by alpha, numerical, create graphs. I once created a chart to see my weight loss using Excel. But I digress.

Julie's an engineer (so OCD is a given, right?) and she even had separate sections for Ski trip, Beach trip, Europe, etc. I hope never to ski again (outside, freezing cold, exercise - 3 strikes you're out!) so I promptly deleted that. But, it's so easy to customize for any trip!

Am I the only one who gets this excited about lists? Perhaps. But maybe someday it can even help me from buying a random "Relaxation" CD from Target.

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