November 3, 2011 

Yeah, the Cardinals won! Or, they lost. At presstime, the outcome of the World Series was not known. What I do know is ... I don't follow sports.

There. I said it. In this town full of dedicated sports fans, those are fightin' words. But I'm not trying to be disrespectful. As I always say "To each their own." Just don't expect me to know player's names and if we won or lost. And I won't expect you to know what type and brand of shoe I'm wearing that day. That's fair.

One co-worker actually said during the Cardinals playoffs, "I don't know if I can take anymore. These games are killing me." Because she was staying up late night after night, stressing whether her beloved Cardinals would win or lose. I stated calmly, "You know, you're not actually required to watch the games." That comment was, shall we say, not well-received.

And don't get me wrong. I'm not rooting against the Cardinals (or Rams or Blues) and I'm happy when they win the Series or Super Bowl or Stanley Cup (it could happen) and bring more money into our local economy, etc. etc. I even attended a Cardinals game this year (which is one more than last season). Of course, it helped that John and I were invited to the d.s. vespers Sports Pub suite (thanks Mary and Keith!) which included free food and drinks.

The best news of all: John isn't a big sports nut either. Even his closest friends still try to get him to games (they're in denial). Random guys at the gym or a gas station will say things like "OU killed 'em yesterday!" and he just agrees, even though he didn't watch that game (or any other). And before you take away his "Man Card," John is a big deer hunter and makes his own deer sausage, sticks, etc. (which many people love, too bad I'm not among them). It's just that everyone assumes he's into sports because he's tall and athletic and he did wrestle and play football in high school. He just isn't obsessed with watching sports.

And this Thanksgiving, that is something I'm truly thankful for.

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