Smooch Jan 2012

January 5, 2012 

It's official. I'm a flatlander.

That's what my mom calls people who live in Illinois. And it makes more sense when you know she lives in the hills of Reynolds County, Missouri.

I had been unofficially living with John while my house was for sale. It is much nicer showing a house when you don't have to make the bed or do dishes every day. Just stage it and Realtors show it anytime thanks to the trusty lock box. We didn't know when it was listed in August, it would sell in November and close 3 days after Christmas. But we packed and fixed everything the inspector put on his naughty list and still managed to fit in Christmas!

For now, we will live in the house John rents in Swansea. But, we will keep our eyes open for the ranch home of our dreams. Actually, it will be the home of my vision board. Yes, 2012 is the year I resolve to finally create my vision board. I purchased a beautiful, white framed bulletin board in May 2009. Then I carefully stored it under my bed. But this year, I will fill it and according to my January issue of Cosmo, "gain inspiration every time you look at it." This is what I'll be dreaming of ...

The Girly Main Level

I have all the paint color numbers from my old house in Missouri so we can recreate my girly house in Illinois (pink, yellow and green!!).

The Man Cave

Since I get the upstairs, John gets the entire finished lower level for his deer heads, stuffed turkey and mounted fish. I will help decorate but he has veto power in case I try to add something too feminine.

The Wine Studio

John's dad makes wine and with extra room downstairs, we can create our own wine workshop. Stan's label is the Laughing Moose. Someone suggested calling John's wine Deer Head wine, since he will be surrounded by them. But we like the name Deer John™ better.

A Wood-burning fireplace

We love the fireplace in the house we live in now. It is so cozy on a cold winter's night. Plus we need a place to keep hanging the stockings with care -- for me, John, his daughter Bella and our Yorkie Grizzly Bear.

Here's hoping you get everything you're dreaming of for 2012 too -- cheers!

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