A Vacation to Remember

Smooch Mar 2012

March 1, 2012 

So after the long summer of fixing up my house for sale, then selling it and fixing everything the buyer and inspector deemed "wrong" with the house (I lived there 6 years and it was fine!), John and I decided to splurge on a tropical getaway this winter. We deserved it (well, really John did since he did all of the repairs, but I did pack the entire house by myself at Christmas!). We ended up choosing the weekend before my birthday and took the recommendation of our friends Mike and Teresa for the all–inclusive: Secrets Maroma Beach, 30 minutes south of Cancun.

You know how some places aren't nearly as good as the website? This place was better, if that's possible. I guess it appeared just as it did in the photos, but the ambience and relaxation was even better than we had imagined.

The first morning we ordered room service (all included, 24 hours!), took a walk on the beach, then settled into a bed poolside. Not a cabana, not lounge chairs, an actual 4–poster bed with this wonderful gauzy fabric overhead, blowing in the breeze. And just as John was thinking about getting up for a drink, a waiter stopped by to take our order. Well, that was it. We barely left that bed for four days.

On the third day, we did leave our poolside bed to walk on the beach. It was a beautiful day, partly sunny and 80 degrees. As we ended the walk, John looked at me and said "You know I brought your birthday present with me . . . you're not easy to buy for, but this is what I got you." And he took out a necklace with a pendant on it. The front was a map of Grizzly Stadium and the back was engraved "Where it all began." Well, I started crying right then! I was thinking –– John is so sweet and romantic to give me a keepsake of where we first met (at the BND's Man Show no less!). Then he pulled out another pendant and said "And this is from our first romantic vacation together, to Italy." It was a map of the Campo de Fiori area in Rome. Then he pulled out a third pendant "And this is from our first family vacation together, at Disney World." More tears! Then he pulled out a larger pendant and it looked like a coast line and I asked "Is this here?" and he gently turned it over to reveal the engraving . . . "Where I proposed." John then dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I was so surprised and happy and shaking I don't think he heard my yes (and also because his head was at my waist) but I said yes! As my new British friend Helen said (we met while watching a wedding together at the resort), "John's a sneaky little devil isn't he?!" Yes, he is.

And we lived happily ever after.

P.S.– I will update you on wedding plans as they come available . . . stay tuned!

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