Oswalt still wants to play for the Cardinals

Posted by Scott Wuerz on May 27, 2012 

According to multiple reports, Roy Oswalt is ready to sign a contract and join a major league team. And he still prefers to pitch for either the Rangers or the Cardinals.

While Texas is said to be one of several teams that Oswalt has worked out in front of, the Cardinals haven't been named among those teams. The Phillies, Dodgers and Orioles are other teams the former Astros ace has been linked with.

The problem with getting a deal done so far is that Oswalt is still asking for a sky high salary. Reportedly, he balked at an offer of $5 million from St. Louis before the season started. Now Oswalt is said to be holding out for a pro-rated amount of $7.5 million.

On one hand, an effective Oswalt could be a big boost for St. Louis. If he was able to jump into the Cardinals rotation after about a month of getting ready, the Birds could send Lance Lynn back to the bullpen to be the first option righty. But the problem with that is Chris Carpenter is likely to be ready about the same time.

While it's always nice to have a Plan B, Oswalt isn't willing to play for Plan B money.

I wonder if the Phillies will be more interested in Oswalt after their ace, Roy Halladay, left early against the Cardinals with shoulder trouble.

Philadelphia is in a tough spot with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley in jeopardy of missing the bulk of the season. I'm not sure if they know at this point if they are buyers or sellers.


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