Smooch Goes to Italy!

June 3, 2012 

I’m taking one carry-on bag with me on
a 2-week vacation. To Europe.

Almost everyone I know totally freaks out when I say that. Most are skeptical and say things like “No you’re not” or “No way you can do that.” Do I look like an over-packer? Well, yes. And I have been on many (ok, every) trip of my life. But not this time!

My fashionista girlfriend Teresa laughed and told me she had to check her bags for a girls’ weekend trip to New York. Ok - she is a lost cause. I always describe her as a fashionista, so that makes sense. But even men are like “Whoa.”

I want to quote Jerry Seinfeld and say “I am the master packer.” As he told Elaine “Packing is no different than leading men into battle: you’ve gotta know the strengths and weaknesses of every soldier in that platoon. From a collapsible toothbrush to a pair of ordinary black socks.” Ok, that might be overstating, but you really do have to pack strategically to pull this off.

• I’m packing those cute miniatures of everything (deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, hairspray, everything!)

• I’m packing mix and match shirts, sweaters and scarves. I’ll keep wearing the same things, just mixed up.

• We’ll wash socks and underwear half-way through the trip.

• We’re bringing Febreze to spray our clothes to freshen them after wearing.

• We’re bringing an “excess baggage tote” for things we buy - it is tiny and expands into this large tote to carry our souvenirs home (a co-worker suggested we throw away our underwear to make room for souvenirs, but we’re passing on that idea).

The other space saver is . . . I’m not packing any high heels. I know, it is crazy! But remember that movie “Romancing the Stone” when Michael Douglas cut the heels off Kathleen Turner’s shoes? It’s like that. They’re not practical when you’re touring cities and museums and ancient sites. Even at night, just walking to dinner, the streets are still cobblestone (darn it!).

The one “luxury” item I’m making room for are my hot rollers. I’ll just ask John to take all photos neck up so you can’t tell I’m wearing the same thing every day. Because my hair will look mah-velous!

Even with just one carry-on bag.

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