Smooch Italy Recap

July 5, 2012 

Everyone asked how the “one bag” thing went on our trip. Frankly, it was delightful. Mainly because John would often roll both of our bags and carry the backpack, leaving me with only my purse. Thanks honey! To sum up the trip, when we weren’t sick and it wasn’t raining, it was great. We met some very interesting characters and some very nice people. I never felt so much that it was definitely about the journey, not the destination. And we had many journeys on this trip. On planes, trains, automobiles . . . And boats. Why oh why did I have to get on a boat?! It was the lure of the Blue Grotto, calling to me like the mythical Sirens of the island I wanted to visit so badly: Capri. But the sea was angry that day my friends. What should have been a 30-minute boat ride on the Positano Jet turned into an hour-long floating vomitorium. I was the first to go, but many others followed. One lady passed out, then threw up on herself. This is reported by John. I was too sick to see anything. But when I finally did look up and realize the waves were over the boat (and not a large boat at that), I asked where the life preservers were. He pointed out their location, which made me feel better. And then that old Gilligan’s Island theme song started playing in my head . . . “The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was rocked.” I was definitely hoping we had a fearless crew! The good news is, we (and the boat) survived the trip. And a very nice lady helped bring me back to life with this wonderful cheese and bread concoction. The bad news is, there was no possibility of getting on a smaller boat to the Blue Grotto. So we boarded a very large ferry boat (the kind that carries vehicles and doesn’t toss us around on the high seas) back to Sorrento. Oh, and we LOVED Venice! We had heard mixed reviews and weren’t sure, but now we wish we had booked a week there, not just 2 days. Maybe next time . . . with that one bag.

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