Smooch - Moving to a New House

Melissa MasonSeptember 6, 2012 

If you haven’t moved in awhile, consider yourself very fortunate. Moving is stressful. Especially when the house you’re moving into needs, let’s say . . . “a little work.” Okay, a lot of work. Thankfully, John is extremely handy and along with family and friends, the house is nearly ready. But that leaves me with the moving part. I have 2 main problems with moving.


Have I mentioned how much I loathe manual labor? That’s probably implied with my love of high heels and French martinis. I actually have a cocktail napkin on my bulletin board that reads, “I was never meant to work.” A friend asked if we were hiring packers. I wish! When the first company I worked for hired packers for two transfers within the company, that ruined me for packing. I never wanted to do it after that. But since no one else is paying for it now . . . I do.


Everything is in chaos. You can’t start packing the day before you move. Which means there are boxes and papers and packing tape everywhere for weeks. This may work for some people, but my OCD does not allow me to be okay with things in disarray for days on end. I cope by turning into those people on the hoarding shows. I just walk right past the mess piled high around me and pretend it’s not there. At this time, I need to give thanks that we are hiring movers to lift the heavy furniture and move all of my many boxes marked “Fragile” (can you ever write that on a box without thinking “Fragil-lay” as pronounced by the dad from Christmas Story? I can’t). And, I’m very thankful we found the perfect house, which matched our wish list nearly 100 percent. The first time we toured the house, as I was headed into the master closet (which is HUGE!) our Realtor said to John, “You ready to move in?” And twelve weeks later, we are.

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