Hello Gals

by Patti KlepacSeptember 6, 2012 

Well the time has come that I’ve been dreading for 13 years....my daughter Kelli is a High School Senior. When she was born 17 years ago I remember everyone saying she will grow up fast, fast isn’t even the word. It has happened before my very eyes. I remember the first day of kindergarten at Cathedral Grade School, there she was in Mrs. Meile’s class her little plaid uniform past her knees because the smallest size they made was way too big for her. All of the little kindergartners were very skeptical of what was ahead of them,and so was I. I cried once I left the classroom all the way back to the News-Democrat and what did people in the office say... she will grow up fast. Then before I knew it we were in middle school at 8th grade graduation, I cried after that graduation because she was going to High School...and what did people in the office say ....she will grow up fast. A few weeks ago we registered for the Senior year of High School and I realized it will be the last time. It felt good that she wanted me there even though she could have done it all by herself. I had a flash back to the day when we did this the first time 13 years ago and yes, she did grow up fast. Stop and take a look at your children....because now I can speak from experience. Enjoy every minute because.....they do grow up fast.

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You can get high with Clara Elmore. Clara is a lady roofer, this is a gal that gets the job done through hard work and 30 years of experience. You go girl!

Get up close and personal with Julie Tristan, a local gal and the new host of Show Me St. Louis. Her delightful smile and knowledge of the business sets her apart from others. Julie has a passion for life and her four legged friends, be sure to check out her story on page 12.

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