Rumor Mill: Edmonds to join Cardinals coaching staff?

Posted on November 5, 2012 

Rumor has it that former Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds might be added to the club's coaching staff to fill the hole created when John Mabry was promoted to replace Mark McGwire as hitting coach.

I'm not sure if I buy it because, first, Edmonds seems to be enjoying the retired life quite a bit. And, second, it's tough for me to imagine an All-Star and Gold Glove winner taking a back seat behind a career utility player.

No disrespect to Mabry, who did a very nice job in his big league career. But it's hard to imagine Edmonds, one of the highest paid Redbirds when he was in the big leagues, as an assistant to a guy who was way beneath him in the team pecking order when they were players.

Another issue is something I pointed out when I wished for Larry Walker as the replacement for McGwire: Does it make sense to have two lefty hitters as your hitting coach and assistant hitting coach?

Maybe the Cardinals will reconfigure the coaching staff to make Edmonds the bench coach or first base coach or something.

Edmonds worked as a spring training instructor in March and indicated that he really enjoyed working with the kids. He said at the time that he'd like to expand his role with the club.


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