On This Date in Cardinals History: Nov. 21, 1920

Posted by Scott Wuerz on November 21, 2012 

Happy birthday to Stan Musial, born on this date in 1920.

Nearly 50 years after he retired from baseball, Musial holds many St. Louis Cardinals team records including:

Games played: 3,206. Number two on the list is Lou Brock who finished a whopping 738 games behind.

At bats and plate appearances: 10,972 and 12,717, respectively. Brock ranks second in these categories, too, nearly 3,000 back in each.

Runs: 1,949. Brock is 522 behind.

Hits: 3,630, nearly 900 ahead of Brock, a fellow member of the 3,000 hit club.

Total bases: 6,134. Perhaps the best illustration of his power and speed combination, Musial recorded more than 2,200 more bases than the next nearest Cardinals batsman, Albert Pujols.

Singles: 2,253

Doubles: 725

Triples: 177

Home runs: 475

RBIs: 1,951

Walks: 1,599 which gives him 624 more than Pujols

The list goes on and on. But don't feel too bad for Pujols. Musial didn't lead him in every statistic. Albert, who played 11 fewer seasons in a Cardinals uniform than Stan, struck out eight more times than Musial for St. Louis. Stan struck out 696 times over 22 years. Pujols whiffed 704 in 11.

And then there is the matter that Musial not only turned down triple the money he made from the Cardinals to skip to the Mexican League, his only chance at free agency in his career. But he also chose to make St. Louis his home where he has been a tremendous addition to the community since 1941.

Thanks for it all, Stan.

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