Reds attempting to re-sign Broxton

Posted by Scott Wuerz on November 27, 2012 

According to multiple reports, the Reds are working to try to sign veteran closer Jonathon Broxton to a contract extension.

The move would allow Cincinnati to move Aroldis Chapman from the role back into the starting rotation where he apparently prefers to work. But Chapman has had a problem with his health breaking down in a starting role with his velocity at times dramatically dropping off.

Broxton, acquired in trade from the Royals, is said to be seeking a three-year contract. His signing will limit the Reds' flexibility to fill other needs including finding a lead-off man and re-signing slugging outfielder Ryan Ludwick. 

The Reds will also have to decide what to do with third baseman Scott Rolen if he decides to play another year. Rolen, who has not yet announced his 2013 plans, is expected to be welcomed back to Cincinnati if he decides not to retire. But his role would likely be reduced as his age and injury history have worked against him the last couple of years.

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