Rumor Mill: Kyle Lohse

Posted by Scott Wuerz on December 11, 2012 

It's beginning to look like a reunion with former teammate Albert Pujols is free agent starter Kyle Lohse's best chance to make his free agent dreams come true.

The Dodgers have reportedly satisfied their compulsion to spend as much money on pitching as possible by handing a $147-million contract to Zack Greinke and a $36 million deal to Korean lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu. So the team thought of as the most likely destination for Lohse suddenly doesn't seem like a fit.

But the neighboring Angels are still looking for some pitching help after parting with starters Dan Haren and Ervin Santana this off-season. The problem is that the Angels were unwilling to pay Haren $15 million for one season. So what are the odds that the club would pay Lohse the same amount for each of four or five years?

Lohse supposedly prefers a western locale. But the team most often linked to his name these day is Boston. The Red Sox are holding out hope that Lohse will be forced to accept a three-year deal.

I'm not sure why Lohse, who puts up good win totals and nice ERA numbers, hasn't fared well on the free agent market. Remember, in 2008 Lohse fell to the Cardinals in spring training after he failed to attract a long term offer over the winter.

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