Rumor Mill: Skip Schumaker

Posted by Scott Wuerz on December 12, 2012 

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Dodgers have received outfielder and second baseman Skip Schumaker from the Cardinals in trade.

What St. Louis will get back has not been verified at this point.

A lot of Cardinals fans have been clamoring in recent days for the Redbirds to try to get Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon, a player who seems to have lost his position in that organization with the recent flurry of player acquisitions by the Dodgers. But it seemed in the last couple of weeks that the Dodgers valued Gordon too much to trade him for Schumaker.

A .288 career hitter, Schumaker lost playing time in the second half of 2012 when Daniel Descalso took over as the regular second sacker for the Cardinals. 

Schumaker, who up to that point had spent his entire professional career as an outfielder, went along with it three years ago when former manager Tony La Russa asked him to try to play second base for the first time since he was in college.

I tip my cap to Schumaker for giving it his best. But second base is not an easy position to play and Schumaker struggled at times.

Because he was a defensive liability -- and because the Cardinals had too many lefty bats in the positions where Schumaker hoped to find playing time -- Skippy became expendable.

Fortunately for Schumaker, he gets to go home to southern California to continue his career.

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