More free agent madness: Sanchez gets more money than C.J. Wilson

Posted by Scott Wuerz on December 14, 2012 

Before my head could even stop spinning from the ridiculous Josh Hamilton deal, the next instance of free agent madness has struck.

Anibal Sanchez, a pitcher with a career losing record and who has only won more than half of his decisions twice in his seven-year career, has signed a five-year contract with the Tigers for $80 million. That's a little bit more than the top free agent pitcher last winter, C.J. Wilson got from the Angels for five seasons: $77.5 million.

Sanchez's agent deserves a lot of credit. Trying to get the Tigers to up their ante, he created a bidding war with the Cubs. Chicago reportedly had a deal with Sanchez last night for $75 million over five seasons. But then word came that Sanchez was giving Detroit a last chance to top the deal. And by this morning the Tigers found another $5 million under an old pizza box to bring back the free agent pitcher whom they landed in trade from the Marlins.

In 2012 Sanchez was 9-13 with a 3.86 ERA between Miami and Detroit. He struck out 167 and walked 48. But he really made his money in the post season in which he was dominating over the Yankees in the American League Championship Series before being a hard luck loser in the only World Series game in which he pitched. He had a 1.77 ERA in three post season starts.

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