On this Date in Cardinals History: Jan. 10, 1961

Posted by Scott Wuerz on January 10, 2013 

On this date 51 years ago perhaps the biggest prospect bust in Cardinals history, Jim Lindeman, was born in Evanston, Ill.

(My apologies to Anthony Reyes. He was a terrible player. But he didn't have nearly the hype surrounding him -- nor the pressure heaped upon him -- as Lindeman.)

Lindeman, who was hailed as the next great St. Louis slugger, made his debut with the Redbirds in 1986 and was expected to provide similar production to Andy Van Slyke who would be traded before the 1987 for Tony Pena.

Instead, Lindeman batted .203 with 11 home runs in 183 games over four years with St. Louis. In December of 1989, after a season in which he hit .111 for the Cardinals in 73 games in which he was used primarily as a defensive replacement, Not So Lucky Lindy was traded to the Tigers for a handful of low level prospects who never made it to the big leagues.

In Detroit Lindeman hit .219 in 12 games and he was shipped to the Phillies for the 1991 season. He also bounced to the Astros and Mets before finishing his career with a .244 average.

The highlight of Lindeman's career was the 1987 World Series in which he hit .333 with two RBIs in 15 at bats.

After the majors, Lindeman became a high school baseball coach.

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