Nationals might bid on Lohse

Posted by Scott Wuerz on February 12, 2013 

The Washington Nationals might be in on Cardinals free agent starter as it seems that Gio Gonzalez could face suspension because of PED implications.

The Washington Post says the Nats are prepared to go all in after facing criticism last year for allowing themselves to be short handed in the pitching department when Stephen Strasburg was shut down for the year to limit his innings after Tommy John surgery.

It seems a bit rash to me to sign a free agent to a multi-year contract to cover yourself for a 50-game suspension. While it would give Lohse a chance to play for a very competitive team, I wonder what would happen to him after Gonzalez returns.

The Cardinals appear to be an increasingly remote option. It seems the only way Lohse returns to St. Louis is if the righty can't even find a market value contract for one season. The Redbirds don't seem willing to spend eight figures on another player, no matter how bay the team needs a number 2 starter.

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