Lohse is still looking

Posted by Scott Wuerz on February 16, 2013 

Apparently the reports of Thursday that Kyle Lohse is close to signing a deal are the latest example of a Scott Boras ploy.

Three days later, not only hasn't anything happened. But the front office folks from the Angels and Brewers said as of Saturday that Boras is still making desperate pleas to them to try to get Lohse a long term contract.

This is an instant replay of 2008 when Boras overplayed his hand with Lohse, waiting and waiting until spring training had started and the bus had passed him by. I don't doubt that Lohse will end up somewhere with a prominent role. But it seems that a team is going to have to be pretty foolish to offering him big money or a multi-year deal.

I still think that the Cardinals could work out a mutually beneficial one-year deal with an option if they tried. But they're beginning to convince me that they really aren't interested in paying a guy who won 30 games for them over the past two years and that they'd rather gamble on Jaime Garcia's tattered arm, Lance Lynn being able to duplicate his success and the kids coming though.

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