Happy days filled with music

April 17, 2013 

Do any of your readers remember Skeets Yaney, Frankie Townsend, Monty & Curly and the gang who entertained with songs and cowboy music on radio stations in St. Louis and East St. Louis? Frankie and Monty & Curly were members of my father's cowboy music gang of Uncle Jimmy's Texas Cowboys, who entertained for close to 20 years at theaters and dance halls throughout the surrounding states for weddings, birthdays, etc., and on several radio stations.

My father, J.R. "Jimmy" Davis was married to my mother, Mae Davis, from 1918 until their deaths. He, in 1989 and she in 1994.

Although I'm now 91 years old and happily, my sister is 94, our memories are filled with music -- western, religious and a very few of the music coming to the youngsters in later types of entertainment.

Those still living in our age group can appreciate those long gone days. Even though we did without a lot of later inventions, cars, TV, etc., I can remember a happier time with relatives, friends and neighbors we lived near or went to school with who are now gone.

I just wonder, are those who were born after those long gone days happier than we were then, even though we had less?

Ira L. Davis


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