In search of common ground on religion

April 19, 2013 

Letter writer Mary Stellhorn got it wrong. I have not repeatedly criticized the Roman Catholic Church.This was the first letter I had written in that regard. The things that we can agree on are more than those on which we disagree.

The Catholic Church believes in the death of Christ for the atonement of our sins and his resurrection, which gives us hope for life after death. These beliefs are absolutely essential to be a Christian. Where we disagree is how we get to a true relationship with Jesus as our savior.

The trappings of the Catholic Church are abhorrent to me and to many evangelical Protestants. The elevation of humans to near level with Jesus or God is not scriptural.

Maybe a detailed study of the Acts of the Apostles and subsequent letters to the early churches and Christians would be helpful to her to light the way.

The early Christian were referred to as "people of the way" and were first called Christians at Antioch, a church in modern da southwest Turkey or northwest Syria. The Apostle Paul referred to all Christians as saints. The elevation of individuals to sainthood is not scriptural, as all Christians are already have that distinction.

May God bless Stellhorn in her walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

H. Ray Sigler


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