Second Amendment is safe

April 19, 2013 

This letter is a reply to letter writers Jeff Hamma and Bob Walter.

I do not believe these two individuals are of their right minds. The Second Amendment of the Constitution is within the Bill of Rights or the first 10 amendments written by our forefathers. I do not believe that any member of Congress (House or Senate) or the Supreme Court of the United States would ever tangle with the Bill of Rights. Also Walter thinks everyone including the Supreme Court would stomp on your rights whether liberal or conservative.

Oh, I almost forgot, Hamma is probably too young to remember the Gun Control Act of 1968, let alone the Firearms Act of 1934, as I am sure he got his information from the Internet and he was not even a twinkle in his parents' eyes in 1968.

I have one other tidbit for these two individuals. I attended high school with one Wayne LaPierre at Catholic Central High School in Troy, N.Y., graduating in 1964 -- although Wayne would probably not remember me because we did not run in the same circles.

James J. Harrigan


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