Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 21, 2013 

Here are recent real estate transactions in St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties:



* 817 Forest Ave.; from Scott Geiler; to Lois Scoville; $107,000.

* 545 S. Virginia Ave.; from Paul A. Flahan and Meredity W. Flahan; to Anthony W. Maher and Kimberly L. Maher; $95,000.

* 1308 Monarch Lake Lane; from Maureen Quinlan; to Randall Clay and Trisha Clay; $227,500.

* 1308 Springfield Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ohio Investments LLC; $47,481 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 109 Las Olas Drive; from Jonathan E. McLean and Susan D. McLean; to La Shandra Momon; $114,000.

* 13 Floral Drive; from Alex Toenjes and Julie Toenjes; to Robert Newgent an Adam Giesegh; $134,000.

* 1202 Hecker St.; from Quentin T. Schmick Jr. and Sara J. Schmick; to Anderson Martin; $63,500.

* 701 Eastridge Circle; from H.B. Carr and Phyllis Carr; to Alex C. Toenjes and Jolie A. Toenjes; $195,000.

* 1404 Salem Drive; from Edina Simone Morrow, Edina Simone Woods; to Terry D. Johnson; $119,000.

* 1017 N. Charles St.; from Steven J. Neumeyer; to Phillip Fernandez; $87,500.

* 6926 West C St.; from Mary Beth Nebel; to Courtney Brown; $85,000.

* 6415 Old St. Louis Road; from Patti Jo Daniel, Richard A. Kistner, Janice M. Lanter; to Doris Sanders; $95,000.

* 28 S. 95th St.; from Fred D. Seales and Lesa R. Seales; to Matthew H. Holm; $90,000.

* 1020 Shepherd Drive; from Helen Nanney; to Gregory Whitehead; $87,500.

* 3913 W. Main St.; from Patricia L. Anderson; to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $70,833 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2579 London Lane; from Michael Maarshall and Niurka Marshall; to Christopher Meinhart; $275,000.


* 25 Marilyn Lane; from Karl Reinhold; to Robinson Realty LLC; $10,000.

* 1110 St. Margaret Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $116,000.

* 27 Helen Court; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Kathleen Pitts LLC; $68,000.

* 803 St. Matthew Drive; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Kathleen Pitts LLC; $72,000.

* 3204 Camp Jackson Road; from Mohammad H. Mokhtar and Rosemary Mokhtar; to Paul Langendorf; $140,000.

* 144 St. Leo Drive; from James Moeller; to Michelle Adams; $10,000.

* 1310 Williams; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Impala LLC; $33,500.

* 3809 Whie St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Impala LLC; $38,500.

* 7 Gladys Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc; to Evelyn Bogan; $2,500.


* 737 Autumn Rise Lane; from Michael Reuss and Lindsey Reuss; to Dettmer Homes of Illinois LLC; $45,000.


* 231 Louisa Ave.; from Jacob E. Camp and Lori R. Camp; to Cathy Moore; $90,000.


* 2709 N. 37th St.; from Julia E. Martinez; to Enrique Montalvo and Micaela Montalvo; $50,000.


* 58 Broadstone Drive; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Matthew Lanctot and Natalie C. Lanctot; $135,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 869 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Matthew Paul Glover; $136,000.


* 211 S. State St.; from Michelle Y. Favre Etling; to Leroy A. Hamann and Judith Hamann; $145,000.

* 102 N. Main & 502 S. Richland; Towers Fire Apparatus Co. Inc.; to Brad Towers; $100,000.

* 6536 White Oaks Club Road; from Charles D. Kamper and Laura K. Gauch; to Amanda Gauch; $140,000.


* 111 W. Schuetz St.; from Dorothy M. Agles; to James G. Reese; $17,000.


* 1024 Eagle Park Road; from Lanter Company; to Brook Real Estate Holdings LLC; $315,000.


* 754 State Route 13; from Jim W. Grau and Cynthia M. Grau; to The Pour House Bar & Grill Inc.; $100,000.


* 3 W. Poplar; from Dean W. Smith and Dorothy A. Smith; to Bruce D. Nessel; $112,000.

* 816 Moorland Circle; from Robert B. Johnson and Carrie S. Johnson; to Joshua B. Paddock and Whitney D. Paddock; $203,000.


* 200 Veterans Drive; from Millstadt VFW Post 7980; to Ultimate Properties LLC; $1,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 709 Weinel Drive; from Daron L. Schaate, Sarah E. Schatte, Sarah E. Duensing; to James A. Bodendieck III and Crystal D. Bodendieck; $161,000.


* 615 W. Jefferson St.; from Todd Kassing and Wendy Kassing; to James Elden Blackburn Jr. and Jennifer L. Blackburn; $116,000.

* 485 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties Inc.; to Jack E. Hutchinson and Alice M. Hutchinson; $227,000.

* 1203 Welles Court; from Michael R. Raeber and Carol A. Raeber; to Paul A. Flahan and Meredith W. Flahan; $193,000.

* 309 Edna Drive; from Nancy A. Lang; to James Seipp and Pamela Seipp; $137,500.


* 440 Williamsburg Drive; from Silver Oak Leaf LLC; to Bouse Properties LLC; $131,000.

* 113 Lowell Court; from Jean A. Wilkens; to Cary M. Eschmann; $117,000.


* 4920 Granite Drive; from Randy Kelly; to Richard L. Wosylus and Linda Wosylus; $181,500.

* 5662 Seasons Ridge; from John Williamson and Kathryn Williamson; to Stephanie Vernier and Priyam Chakravarty; $221,000.


* 1421 Olroyd Drive; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Ryan L. Tribout and Suzanne N. Tribout; $355,500.

* 516 Leawood Drive; from Bradley E. Riechmann and Megan A. Riechmann; to Ryan A. Fancher and Leeann M. Fancher, $157,500.

* 232 Mimosa Ave.; from Michael C. Auffenberg; to Fonda Rodriguez, Trustee; $143,500.

* 113 Bourdelais; from Rosemarie Trevino; to Nicholas Martychenko and Amanda Abbott; $180,000.



* 205 Delmar Ave.; from Misty Gibbons, Misty Korando, Christopher Korando; to Gene E. Jackson; $78,000.

* 2201 Brown St.; from Stephen L. Toussaint and Patricia A. Toussaint; to Scott A. Burton; $92,000.


* 620 Mill St.; from Marion Paul Davis, Dorothy L. Davis, Shirley R. Davis, Lois Jean Markham; to Alisa E. Monroe; $83,000.

* 125 Valleywood Court; from Richard W. Clark and Dyann L. Clark; to Joshua R. Settles and Katrina M. Settles; $200,000.


* 40 Rose Ave.; from Brian M. Shea; to Penny Lee Wade; $40,000.


* 5 Wilshire Road; from John S. Allen; to Lindsey Zeller and Nathan Zeller; $174,000.


* 3324 Hershire Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Ronald Hampton Jr. and Sara B. Hampton; $417,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 317 Jefferson St.; from Alexis M. Jason; to Thomas E. Beavers and Susan K. Beavers; $7,500.


* 26 Julie Drive; from Sara Beth Lotter, Sara Beth Hampton, Ronald Lee Hampton; to Brian J. Pacheco and Melinda Pacheco; $163,500.

* 240 Oakshire Drive East; from Glen Carbon Land Development; to Remington Properties LLC; $52,000.

* 200 Oakshire Drive East; from Glen Carbon Land Development; to Triple Crown Partners LLC; $51,500.


* 1704 Biscay Drive; from Scott E. Black and Charisse G. Black; to Justin Lacy and Emily Schmidt; $174,500.


* 1924 Lynn Ave.; from Glindon Mathis; to Teri L. Rule; $68,500.

* 38 Legacy Drive; from James Bilyeu and Marilyn Bilyeu; to David Keel and Kimberly Keel; $205,000.

* 2409 Grand Ave.; from Shannon J. Boker; to Jacob Mathenia; $72,000.


* 134 Colonial Drive; from Elizabeth Gooden; to Joseph Estrada and Melinda Estrada; $180,000.

* 235 Wolf Ave.; from Cassie Ernst, Carrie Ott, Darren Ott; to Matthew S. Barker and Rebecca M. Barker; $103,000.


* 1913 Zschokke St.; from John Michael Tebbe and Leah M. Tebbe; to Angela D. Becker; $93,500.

* 511 Dolphin Drive; from Patricia A. Naylor, Michael H. Young, Jacquelyn S. Royer, Angela M. Young; to John M. Tebbe and Leah M. Tebbe; $103,500.


* 1024 Andra Drive; from Kathleen A. Hentz, Kathleen A. Canull, Warren J. Canull; to John Canull and Tiffany Canull; $175,000.


* 511 Central Ave.; from John R. Kleinert and Doris J. Kleinert; to Mark A. Carlisle; $65,500.


* 8829 Wendell Creek Drive; from Heitman Homes Inc.; to Robert E. Clark III and Maggie L. Clark; $260,000.


* 206 Poag Ave.; from Kenneth D. Herrin Sr. and Lori L. Herrin; to Lee Ann Herndon; $67,000.


* 150 Pebblebrook Lane; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Roger L. Taylor and Erin E. Taylor; $165,000.


* 1235 Robin St.; from James Dalley; to LIP Investments LLC, L I P Investments LLC; $46,400 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 22 Orchard Hill Drive; from Richard W. Turner and Dana Turner; to Reda Iskarous and Tamera L. Iskarous; $195,000.

* 431 Pershing Ave.; from Federal National Mortgge Assoc.; to Kenneth Ray Deardeuff; $69,000.



* 1227 Main St.; from Community First Bank; to Constance C. Majka and Joseph J. Majka; $147,000.


* 803 Sheridan Lane; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $31,000.

* 608 Park St.; from RoyWeihl, Roy H. Weihl; to Michael J. Duncan and Michelle S. Duncan; $80,000.

* 6467 Old Baum Church Road; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Michael McCracken; $97,000.

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