Bible clear on homosexuality

April 21, 2013 

Bible clear on homosexuality

Recently an article in the paper (or maybe I saw it on TV) quoted two individuals who were in clergy. The statement quoted was, "Nowhere in the Bible does it say that same-sex marriages are wrong."

I don't think the term same-sex marriage is used in the Bible, but there is no way that such marriages do not include homosexual behavior. And the Bible is clear on homosexual behavior.

One of the strongest statements concerning such behavior is found in First Corinthians. Here, Paul lists for the people of Corinth those behaviors that will not inherit the kingdom of God, which included homosexual behavior.

Other Scripture points in the same direction as Paul's statement. Sodom and Gomorrah, where homosexual behavior was rampant, was destroyed by God. The Psalm proclaims it is wrong for a "woman to lay with another woman as she would with a man." The book of Romans expands on this.

At a time when our nation is considering this issue (several states have already done so), it behooves us as Christians to be strong and take a stand which reflects the word of God.

Wilbern "Hank" Hayes