Stop obsessing over gays

April 21, 2013 

Stop obsessing over gays

I am at the same point as comedian and radio host Adam Carolla when it comes to daily news about gay equal rights, marriage and such. Can we at least take a break about every other day when the news is not about gays or being gay, or trying to be gay, or not knowing you are gay, or postulating all your family is gay.

Like Carolla said: He has a lot of gay friends and they don't think about being gay or gay issues on a daily basis even close to what the news covers. Most of us could use some rest from all of the gay frustrations or the news media's fixation on gays.

It's like having the relative at the holiday family get-together who won't quit whining and complaining. How about shutting up for a while? Instead, let's divert attention from the country's decline and focus on why guns make you kill people. Now that's worthy of beating the horse to death for weeks. Love and peace.

Brent Rains