Collinsville City Council questions language on zoning rules for RVs

News-DemocratApril 22, 2013 

Language in an amendment to the Collinsville Municipal Code for zoning had City Council members asking questions Monday night.

The amendment, as written, would prohibit Collinsville residents from parking recreational vehicles in front of their home, such as in a driveway, and requires the vehicles be parked on a dust-free surface, which eliminates rock or gravel pads as acceptable parking locations. Council members asked that the amendment addressing front-of-house parking for RVs be removed from the agenda.

"I think there are some RVs parked in some driveways that are in less-than-operational condition," said Mayor John Miller. I think that's what this amendment is addressing. I know there are a lot of RV owners out there who park their RVs on their property, and they are unobtrusive to neighbors. If they were obtrusive, I think we would have heard about it by now."

Those with gravel or stone pads will be allowed to keep their RVs on those pads until they need to be replaced. When the pads require replacement, they will have to be paved.

"There are some things we have questions about," Councilman Michael Tognarelli said. "I think we should postpone a vote on this until we get some of these questions answered."

After a vote, the amendment was removed from the agenda to give council members the chance to ask the Community Development board director more questions and possibly change the wording.

Additional amendments also clarify that the city does not allow metal carports or sheds on properties in the city limits. Although the city has not allowed metal structures for years, recent storms increased the number of requests to the building department by residents requesting permits for metal carports and there are several of the structures already in use in the city. The requests prompted the amendment and clarification that the metal buildings are not allowed.

Mitchell Bair, Community Development Director, told the council that while the structures are prohibited, the city will not require those who already have the structures to get rid of them, but, will not allow additional metal buildings in the future.

In other council action:

The council approved an agreement with a new city attorney. The former city attorney, Paul Welch, is retiring and a new attorney, John Barberis, has been hired. City Manager Scott Williams told the council that Barberis is a local attorney who has a long history with Collinsville and the agreement for his services is substantially the same as they were with Welch.

The council also approved spending $264.40 in TIF funds to replace the awning of Financial Futures Advisors at 217 W. Main St. The sum is 40 percent of the total cost incurred by the owner, Wolters Properties. The awning required replacing because it is worn and torn. The TIF funds will be paid to Financial Futures Advisors once the repairs have been completed.

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