What cowards in Congress

April 23, 2013 

John F. Kennedy wrote the acclaimed book "Profiles in Courage." A sequel needs to follow called "Profiles in Cowardice."

On April 17, 46 senatorial skunks (41 Republicans and five Democrats) voted down a watered-down bill requiring background checks for gun purchases. These craven and venal cowards placed their political lives and the love offerings of their corporate weapons-manufacturing benefactors above the lives and safety of Americans. This is a clear example of the present tyranny of the minority and a malfunctioning Congress. A vast majority of Americans (90 percent) were for universal background checks.

Our reactionary Supreme Court has ruled that money constitutes free speech. Money has again spoken loudly in our Congress.

Voters should run to the polls to oust these 46 ignominious panderers to the gun lobby.

Fred Ehrstein


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