Belleville's in deep trouble

April 23, 2013 

I attended another meeting at City Hall recently and what a disaster.

Again may I remark, the people of Belleville had better open their eyes to what is going on in our town. I cannot believe that the mayor would smirk at everyone who said something he did not like.

Wake up, people, or it is going to be too late.

Alderman Joe Hayden was there for what we, the people, are saying; the mayor was there to show us his way or the highway.

It is very amazing his wife and her flower shop received everything she wanted yet the young couple who wanted to invest in rundown property and make it better were turned down. It is not what we know in this town, it is who you know.

I have lived here 55 years and this is the worst mayor I have encountered in all those years. My opinion is, it is sad that we only had somewhere between 21 percent to 28 percent of the people in this town vote. If we continue to go down this road, we, the middle class, are going to lose big-time because a lot of the middle class, including myself will sell out, rather than live in a town that is unsafe and run by people who couldn't care less about we the middle class.

I also agree with the letter writer who said someone encouraged Phil Elmore to run because had he not, Joe Hayden would have won by a landslide. This is my opinion.

Betty L. McCoy


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