The days of love and music

April 23, 2013 

To answer Ira L. Davis' letter April 18, "Happy days filled with music":

Yes, I do remember the good old days with the radio on, daily, to country music. (We had no TV until 1949-50, when I was in high school.)

I learned to sing and yodel, listening to "Skeeter," as everyone fondly called him. Mom said I could sing before I could talk good. She had a crush on "Skeeter" and she'd sing along and "swoon."

When I was 20, I eloped with a country music lover. After the I dos at the preacher's house, we went to the South Roxana homecoming, where "Skeeter" and the band were performing. I slipped him a note, asking him to announce our marriage. I was so happy.

Forty-three and a half years later, the love of my life (the one who had made me most happy) dropped dead. My happiness died with him.

At his funeral, I had his favorite country songs played all through the visitation. At the start of his funeral service, I had our song played, "Hey Good Lookin', What You Got Cookin'." At the end of the service, I had them play, "I'm Goin' Back To Where I Came From."

Thank God for country music; it helped me through the worst times in my life.

You don't need things to be happy -- just good people and good music. If you also have someone you truly love you have the best things in life.

Elizabeth Hettick

East Carondelet

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