Pandering for votes

April 23, 2013 

There seems to be a consensus among Democratic Party leaders that a fast track of 20 million illegals be dealt with right away. Illegal means law breakers. Why do they want all these law breakers in our country? Votes. Yes.

If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot. Two Americans crossed Iranian borders and got eight years. Now if you cross our border from Mexico you get a job, driver's license, food stamps, health insurance, a place to live, education and you can even vote. Again, why would anyone in their right mind want to take a risk like crossing illegally? Then there are those free Obama cell phones with all those carefree minutes. All of Sen. Dick Durbin's undocumented aliens and Durbin are in the same boat.

Talking about boats, wouldn't you hate to be in a sinking row boat with President Obama and friends? They are so messed up on priorities, they would throw the bail bucket overboard.

Oh well, I was told to cheer up, things could be worse, so I cheered up and things did get worse.

Charles V. Lyerla


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