What's the point of writing?

April 24, 2013 

On Jan. 8 I sent a letter explaining why I would write no more letters but it was not published. I have received several calls and letters asking why I have not written. I feel I owe readers an explanation.

This country has degenerated into such an abyss nothing I say will rescue it. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country and the majority of voters. Most of them have no concern for America or its problems, only in their own agendas.

Just look at the people who put President Obama into office. Women are only concerned with abortion, free contraceptives and which candidate is the cutest. Hispanics are only interested in getting their illegal relatives citizenship. Homosexuals only care about free access to the military and gay marriage. Blacks are only concerned with free handouts. Union members are looking for more stimulus money. The 40 percent of the population who don't pay any income tax want to keep their great deal going.

A lot of liberal letter writers will reply. Michael Ray Dillier will explain why he pays no federal income tax, Frankie Seaberry will call me a racist, Gene Robke will tell us how it's all George Bush's fault and Jim Walters will write something inane.

In only two generations this country has deteriorated from the "greatest generation" to the worst. Congratulations, liberals; you have destroyed our country. If I were younger, I would leave it.

Leon Anderson