Long wait on phone is unacceptable

April 24, 2013 

I received a letter from Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities in Springfield requesting more information from me to determine my eligibility for health insurance.

On March 25, I called as instructed but after calling the phone number about 50 or 60 times, all I got was a busy signal.

I got an automated voice command twice instructing me to wait on the line for the next available worker, but after waiting for about 20 minutes each time, I got tired of waiting and hung up the phone.

I finally got through to someone on March 26, but only after I waited again for about 20 minutes. He informed me it was normal to wait 20 minutes or more on the line before reaching an operator to assist or direct your call.

The long wait time is frustrating. to say the least, and it angers me that I have to waste a substantial amount of my time just to receive services that I'm entitled to receive.

I'm not sure if gross incompetence is the problem or if the state doesn't have enough people to handle the volume of calls. In any case, this poor service is unacceptable and this complaint needs to be investigated and addressed and corrective action needs to be immediately implemented so the poor and disabled people can receive services with dignity and respect.

If this is the quality of service one can expect to receive now, what's going to happen when thousands of uninsured people become eligible for health insurance under the new federal law called Obamacare?

John A. Mitan


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