Smart meters jeopardize our health

April 24, 2013 

Concerns are rising over the health effects from electromagnetic waves produced by smart meters replacing the analog meters.

According PG&E, the meters will detect power outages faster, provide residents with daily summaries of their energy use, and will alert them when they are about to enter a higher pricing tier because of the amount of energy they used. While that sounds good, there is a higher risk to health with smart meters, since they produce more electromagnetic radiation than cell phones, which have been the subject of extensive research and health concern.

Studies have shown higher incidence of childhood leukemia in children who lived closest to power sources which emit excessive amounts of electromagnetic waves. But that is not the only health risk. Exposure to radiofrequency radiation has also been linked to an increased risk for cancer, including lymphoma, brain tumor, melanoma, parotid gland tumors, and breast cancer risks of carcinogenesis from electromagnetic radiation. Health risks include much more than cancers like depression, insomnia, cardiac symptoms, endocrine disorders, hyperactivity or changes in children's behavior etc.

So my question is this: What can Illinoisans do to opt out without being threatened, arrested or having our power shut off?

Rebecca O'Connor


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