Surprised terrorism is not worse

April 25, 2013 

It really surprises me that we have not had more bomb attacks the way this man in the White House depicts we, the American people, and that is as a nation of people who are greedy and arrogant. This is treasonous as it gives comfort to the enemy through his unimaginable rhetoric of America.

He said he will get those responsible for the bombs at the Boston Marathon. Well, he is in part responsible just as he is partly responsible for the murders in Mexico (gun running killed 300), just like his gun running to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt with the aid of American tax dollars. When are the American people, going to get tired of the lies spewed and propaganda invoked by President Obama, U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, and, of course, his sewer rat buddies of communism, the major media? He is only getting by with what we allow.

Steve Kassa Jr.