Not what private business would do

April 25, 2013 

Thank you, BND, for exposing one more reason why the voters can't throw the rascals out. Along with all the lazy bums who won't work for a living, we have local businessmen who are on the dole.

The question I didn't see in print is what kind of benefits does St. Clair County Jury Commissioner Rick Effinger provide for his employees at his private business, full time or part time? It's just a guess, but I think about as many as the future advertising he's going to do with the BND.

The job, I grant, must really be hard --eliminating any conservative voters from his jury pool.

By Illinois law, jurors are required to be picked at random. Even felons can serve on juries in Illinois.

I have lived in St. Clair County for 10 years I have never had a jury call. Is it that we have so many available felons in St. Clair County?

William H. Bremen Sr.


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