Abortion's more deadly now

April 26, 2013 

Kudos to Glenn McCoy for his cartoon of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose murder trial is underway. Gosnell is accused of the murders of at least seven babies and one women at his Philadelphia macabre abortuary. State officials called it a house of horrors.

Imagine, unlicensed workers who participated in "snipping" born alive babies, who applied pressure onto patients, pushing very late-term babies through the birth canal then slitting their innocent throats, filthy and disgusting conditions, etc. Understand, this happens every day across our nation where abortion mills operate and no restrictions exist and laws are not enforced.

Remember how the abortion industry fed us the lie that women were dying from back-alley abortions and we bought it? Fact is, more women have died through legal abortion. Many women have been maimed, left sterile, or worse, dead.

Abortion has not improved lives or brought the stats on child abuse down; matter of fact, child abuse is worse.

Angela Michael

Director, Small Victories


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