He must have been drafted

April 26, 2013 

I found interesting reading in the letter April 17 by Jim Walters. Until then, I had never had any indication that Walters ever served in the military.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that Walters ever served, but I will express issues about that. First of all, I bet that Walters was drafted. In other words, the reason he did so was because he was made to do so, and perhaps against his volition. If Walters was not drafted, then I would like to know why his tour in Germany was only 19 months whereas mine was two years.

Walters made mention of supporting the bars and brothels in Germany. If he enjoyed himself in doing so, then that is fine. However, in the time he was in Germany (1969-1970), better things could have been found in Vietnam for him to do.

Regardless of how trivial or significant Walters' role in the military was, at least he did more than Bill Clinton ever did. Perhaps that should be the bragging contention of his military service -- if that is even saying very much.

By the way, I bet Walters voted for Clinton -- the draft dodger who became president.

Frank B. Austin