Music puts food on the table

April 26, 2013 

Kudos to ensemble members of the Belleville Philharmonic for sponsoring and participating in Baroque in Belleville on April 12 at Philharmonic Hall. Baroque in Belleville, which featured harpsichord, flute, violin, cello and voice, was a benefit for three local food pantries --St. George Episcopal, St. Paul Church of Christ and Union United Methodist. All the money and food collected were distributed equally and presented to each food pantry on April 15.

Thank you to Robert Howard, Philharmonic conductor, and Philip Tinge, concertmaster, for organizing this event. Their students and members of the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorale and Youth Orchestra gave stunning performances of Bach, Handel, Corelli, Couperin, Vivaldi, Quantz, Purcell and Telemann.

Much gratitude is extended to the public for attending this concert, bringing 69 cans of food and donating more than $150 for the three food pantries. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Robin Howard

Belleville Philharmonic Art & Design

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