Just trying to spread cheer

April 26, 2013 

I mostly like to write my letters by looking at my topic from a different angle so as to make people think and maybe get a laugh or chuckle out of it. I like to hear people laugh. When they're laughing they forget their troubles for a few seconds.

I got a laugh the other day when one of my readers called me and said I was being dragged over the coals by some guy on the radio. I understand he said I was a dumb-A. Well, no one ever said I was the smartest in class, especially my teachers. But in the 72 years I've been here on earth, I've been smart enough to stay out of prison and not try to blame everyone else for my shortcomings by calling them names to try to make myself look good.

I've accepted myself for what I am and have no excuses except that I could have tried a little harder to be a better person. My only hope is that someone, somewhere gets a chuckle or maybe a laugh out of this.

Maybe a tall glass of ice water will cool down all that hot talk.

Dennis Kaufmann


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