O'Fallon must make sewers a priority

April 27, 2013 

O'Fallon seems to not have the expertise to determine the cause or find the sources(s) of surface water entering into the sewer system. Each time the back-up sewer problem occurs, the city blames the heavy rain.

However, the sewer system and the surface water drainage system are separate systems. How is surface water entering the sewer system? At one time, the cause was blamed on the decaying clay tile main sewer and laterals. The city replaced the main sewer line, each resident installed new laterals and the problem still persists.

If the city was really concerned about problem, the city would take a real serious attitude about the problem and find out where the problem or problems are and fix them.

It is usually accepted that if you live by an ocean, someday the ocean will jump up and cause damage. The same if you live by a river or a small stream. However, the damage is caused by nature and we cannot control nature.

The same with flooded streets and overloaded surface water drainage.

The city's sewer system is man-made and damage is caused by faulty design or work. Will the city officials make the sewer system problems a top priority and fix the problems?

We do have nice parks because parks were a top priority.

Robert F. Braswell


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