Haine stands on principle

April 27, 2013 

Our Founding Fathers invisioned a country of freedom based primarily on the idea of instituting a country of morality and principles built upon guidance of the church, God's word and freedom of religion. One only has to look in one's wallet to find the "In God we trust" logo.

I applaud state Sen. Bill Haine for his stance on the provacative issue of marriage equality. It is unfortunate that some beleive that homosexuallity is a lifestyle that is acceptable to all Americans. Political correctness, the ACLU and the socialist movement led by the Obama administration and his followers are wreaking havoc upon our Constitution and the very moral fabric of our society today.

Haine's actions should be and are commended by a vast majority of Democrats in this country.

One of your writers suggests Haine should switch parties. The thought has probably crossed his mind due to the fact the Democratic Party has lost its moral compass.

Kevin Sheridan Fairview Heights

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