Stick to the comic strips

April 27, 2013 

I have often admired Glenn McCoy's comic strip characters and his comic strip humor. "The Duplex" and "The Flying McCoys" have long been good, diversionary reading.

But once again, McCoy's editorial cartoon of April 23, the lawyer terrorist vest, shows us just how proficient he is at bigotry and ignorance and how clueless he is at separating fantasy from reality. It is as if, in reality, he has become Eno.

When the day comes that anyone in America who is accused of a crime is denied due process of law by those who would maliciously or prejudicially cause that denial, then our country is in deeper trouble than many of us could ever imagine. Luckily for us, our Founding Fathers had the capacities for such imagination. They added due process and habeas corpus to our Constitution.

Openly suggesting the denial of legal counsel to anyone, including accused terrorists, strains the fiber of our Constitution to its very breaking point.

If McCoy is going to continue to show no capacity for separating fantasy from reality, then I have some advice for him: Stick with fantasy. As for the BND and its choice of political cartoonists, I have this advice: Leave reality to those who can deal with it. Constitutional bigotry is no laughing matter.

Richard Yesley

New Athens

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