An inspiration to America

April 27, 2013 

The people who rush toward danger. All the first responders and citizens who came to the aid of the Boston bomber's victims. Two bombs had gone off and there could have been more, but these brave souls still ran in to help strangers.

The first responders who fought the fertilizer plant fire in Texas. They knew the danger but stayed to give time for others to evacuate. They sacrificed their lives for others. Average, everyday people, extraordinary courage, heroes actions. They will be missed but not forgotten.

Volunteers. Those who serve their communities in a thousand little ways. They work at food banks, soup kitchens, animal shelters. They tutor students, deliver meals, drive seniors to appointments. Unknown, unsung, they serve.

Some people worry we're sinking into a moral abyss. Not while people such as this exist. They are the salt of the earth. Bless them all.

Kevin Johnson


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