Speak up about America's plight

April 27, 2013 

I happen to be an avid reader and the "America still adrift" letter on Tuesday was one of the best in the last decade.

Bravo to writer Mavis Caswell. Hers is indeed a refreshing voice calling out in the wilderness.

I loved the second verse from the word of the living God: "But if you do not keep all my commandments, I will appoint over you terror and cause you sorrow of heart."

President Obama used the word terror to describe the carnage in Boston. (He is very reluctant to use the words "terrorists" or "terrorism.") He has used the exact word that appears in this passage. God is using him.

Now to the issue. I believe it is not only shameful but disgusting that this issue is even being consider by our elected officials. Don't they know or care what they are doing? Inviting terror and sorrow into the land? Opening the door to terrorism.

Where are the other voices expressing concern -- Christian churches, priests, pastors and Bible teachers who should be responding to this moral attack?

I suggest her letter be introduced as evidence in every legislative process.

William J, Sturm


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