My yard is not your pet's bathroom

April 27, 2013 

To be a good pet owner requires certain responsibility. This responsibility is to clean up after your pet. This will keep a clean environment and will keep me from stepping in pets' gifts that they leave on my lawn.

I understand that people need to walk their dog for the exercise and well-being of the pet and the person. Just because I live on a corner lot doesn't give people the leeway to let their pet deposit little and large gifts on my lawn for me to pick up.

What I do is to let my pets relieve themselves in my own yard, then walk them. I always carry a plastic bag and paper towels to clean up any accidents that may occur.

Please, pet owners, treat me with the same respect. To let pets relieve themselves on other people's property is so vile and so wrong. If everyone would treat others as they want to be treated, it would be a much better world in which to live.

Edith Guerrero


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