Obama makes us unsafe

April 27, 2013 

Do you feel safe under President Obama? North Korea threatens nuclear attacks on America. Iran gets closer to developing nuclear bombs. Egypt is on the verge of becoming a radical Islamic state. Yet the president gives President Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, four F-16 fighters, a number of Abrams tanks and millions of our tax dollars.

Syria is a hot bed of civil war as Islamic terrorists gain a foothold in Syria. But regardless of the danger in any situation, the only word Obama knows is "negotiate." And the other two words not in his vocabulary are "terrorist attack."

We've experienced the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Ky., the terrorist attacks of the underwear bomber and Times Square bomber. Fortunately in the last two attacks the bombs failed to ignite.Then we had the terrorist attack at Benghazi where our ambassador, two brave Navy Seals and another American were murdered. No one in the Obama administration classified that as a terrorist attack.

So, folks, are we in a war with radical Islamic terrorists? Not according to President Obama. But you can bet the farm that every Islamic terrorist believes they're at war with America.

God bless and heal everyone impacted by the terrorist attack in Boston.

Chapo Jones


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