Obama destroying U.S.

April 27, 2013 

News flash. The majority of Americans are dissatisfied with President Obama's performance. They loved him enough to vote him back in, but when the initial euphoria waned, reality set back in.

I'm just curious how the "Gang of Four" letter writers , Gene Robke, Jim Walters, Frankie Seaberry and Kevin Gagen -- can cling to the thread of fiction that Obama is doing such a wonderful job.

The economy is continuing to drift along aimlessly, our national morals have continued to tank and our rights continue to be chipped away. He has broken countless of his campaign promises and seemingly has a problem with the truth. His environmental policies will eventually shutter all of the Southern Illinois mines and his policy on fuel mileage standards on vehicles will cause the price of vehicles to be beyond the reach of the average consumer. His words say he is for the working individual, but his actions don't back his words up. All that I can say is that all those who voted this incompetent individual back into the White House are getting exactly what they deserve. I would also advise the Gang of Four to wake up and smell reality.

James J. Price


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