What Klowns thought up these trivia questions?

April 28, 2013 

The Ainad Shriners Krazy Klowns had fun April 20 with their second trivia contest.

Money raised helps the Ainad Krazy Klowns purchase balloons and candy for children along parade routes.

"Most importantly," said Don Spradling, "it helps us provide small gifts and parties when visiting children at the St. Louis Shriners Hospital, along with our annual donation directly to the hospital."

The trivia emcee was Don Spradling Jr.

Donations can be mailed to Donald Spradling Sr. (checks payable to Krazy Klowns), 1905 Bowler Road, O'Fallon IL 62269.

Now see how you do with the Krazy Klowns questions.

1. His Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, published in 1867, laid the foundation for most classical mechanics, but most know him for his theories on gravity,

2. What cartoon, about two lab mice, was a spin off from TV's "Animaniacs"?

3. What name was given to the area of Central Park dedicated to the memory of John Lennon?.

4. In hockey, a "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" consists of one each of what three things?

5. What 2008 Disney movie featured the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato?

6. What Russian chemist is generally credited with the development of the periodic table in 1869?

7. What MTV show featured clay celebrity puppets fighting each other to the death?

8. According to Greek mythology, who brought fire to the humans?

9. In what South Dakota town was Wild Bill Hickok shot and killed?

10. The first class inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame was in 1936, and included this Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop, who retired in 1917.

11. Who wrote "Gulliver's Travels?"

12. Who is the author of "Robinson Crusoe?"

13. Next three words: Cookie Monster -- "Hey me just met you and this is crazy, but you've got cookie, so ..."?

14. Next three words: Jessica Rabbit -- "I'm not bad. I'm just ..."?

15. Who played Popeye in the 1980s' live action movie?


1. Sir Isaac Newton

2. "Pinky and the Brain"

3. Strawberry Fields

4. Goal, assist and fight

5. "Camp Rock"

6. Demitri Mendeleev

7. "Celebrity Death Match" 8. Prometheus

9. Deadwood

10. Honus Wagner

11. Jonathan Swift

12. Daniel DeFoe

13. "share it maybe."

14. "drawn that way."

15. Robin Williams

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