Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 28, 2013 



* 2875 Fairway Drive; from Robert Matthew Rust and Deborah Rust; to Karl D. Zurbrugg and Melissa Zurbrugg; $240,000.

* 2915 Fourteenth Fairway Drive; from Roger Armbrister and Patricia Armbrister; to Bryan G. Forsyth and Yvonne L. Forsyth; $291,000.

* 719 Centerville Ave.; from David Tandy; to Jason Dowdy and Lonnie Adkisson; $12,500.

* 306 N. Jackson St.; from Kathleen K. Fournier; to Emelee Curley; $76,500.

* 920 Peony Drive; from Jeffrey Meile and Samantha Meile; to Vanessa Rodriguez; $67,000.

* 1314 Raab Ave.; from Marsha A. Reeble; to Jeffery W. Wolf; $50,000.

* 500 S. Church St.; from David A. Vaughn; to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund LLC; $5,500.

* 221 N. 8th St.; from Ava Ruth Meyer; to Patrick Brydon and Kelleen Stokes; $5,000.

* 809 Country Meadow Lane; from Terrance Y. Montgomery; to Shawn R. Miller and Margaret A. Miller; $86,000.

* 13 & 10 N. 14th St.; from Thomas Ernst and Ernst Inc.; to Scott Kronenberger; $280,000.

* 15 S. Michigan; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Scott H. Hefflinger; $45,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 918 McClintock Ave.; from Sonya Sruen, Sonya Schroeder, Jason Schroeder; to John R. Duncan and Jennifer J. Duncan; $59,500.

* 27 Nottingham Lane; from Agnes B. Wuerz; to Steve Thorpe; $80,500.

* 8601 W. Main St.; from The Catholic Diocese of Belleville; to Christian Social Services of Illinois; $350,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 4600 S. Park Drive; from James R. Hamm and Amy VanHoose-Hamm; to Chris Lauck; $40,000.


* 9 W. Adams Drive; from PFP LLC; to Sandra McCoy; $20,000.

* 210 W. Second St.; from Audrey R. Sustus; to John M. Newell; $7,000.

* 108 St. Robert; from Sylvia Hennessy, Trustee; to DGJ Management Inc.; $12,500.

* 1617 Mullen Ave.; from Middendorf Properties LLC; to Robinson Realty LLC; $17,000.

* 1319 Richard; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $38,000.

* 103 Kenneth; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $39,000.

* 311 St. Ellen St.; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $39,500.

* 1306 St. Stephens; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts; $39,000.

* 25 Marilyn Lane; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Kathleen Pitts LLC; $53,000.

* 1411 Williams; from Robinson Realty LLC; to Erik Pitts LLC; $43,000.


* 713 Hollywood Heights Road; from WB PAN LLC; to James Maly III and Melody Maly; $25,000.


* 210 Highland Place; from Carol Ann Nauling; to Kenneth Williams; $81,500.


* 804 Autumn Rise Lane; from Rolwes Construction Inc.; to Mark R. Daniel and Karrie L. Daniel; $293,000.


* 117-119, 121-123, 125-127, 129-131, 133-135 N. 9th St.; from CAD Partners LLC; to FO CAM SKI Inc.; $475,000.


* 1320 N. 19th St.; from Meredith McMiller and Maurice McMiller; to Gavin Love and N'Keil Love; $6,000.

* 2925 Virginia Place; from Mazella Lambus; to Gregory Harris; $17,000.


* 2 Berkley Court; from Charles Franklin; to Lois Waller; $65,000.

* 663 Ember Crest Drive; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Jams P. Gore and Catherine Gore; $213,000.

* 224 Pamona Drive; from Retail Place LLC; to Waleed R. Ashkar; $27,000.

* 240 Joseph Drive; from Craig L. Robertson and Wendy K. Robertson; to David G. Fermer and Regina M. Fermer; $149,500.

* 213 Americana Circle; from John Fair; to Wade Gibbs and Laura Mullinax; $165,000.

* 243 Arbor Meadows Court; from Terry Thies and M. Lynn Thies; to John Williamson and Kathy Williamson; $44,000.

* 405 Lemans Way; from Charles W. Collier and Renata Collier; to Laura D. Pierce; $103,000.


* 320 Glenrock Lane; from Chad E. Burns; to Britain N. Hirte and Gabriella Hirte; $219,500.


* 927 W. St. Louis St.; from Shirley Schneider; to Peter J. Wehrly; $65,000.

* 218 N. Fritz St.; from GAry A. Wise and Kari A. Wise; to Roselyn Jo Migliorini; $68,500.

* 720 W. McAllister; from Gateway Distribution Real Estate LLC; to Golden State Foods Corp.; $2,680,000.

* 214 N. Herman St.; from Chad M. Roberts and Kirsten M. Roberts; to Justin C. Schichler and Ashley M. Schichler; $165,000.


* 1245 Antique Lane; from Paul A. Piazza and Kelli Piazza; to Bradley R. Press and Tiffany Press; $203,000.

* 9921 Cessna Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Kevin Dawson and Christina Dawson; $212,000.

* 23 W. GreenSt.; from Jason Kunz; to Kelly Norwood; $150,000.

* 1315 Eisenhower St.; from Jamie Fritts and Aaron Hills; to Richard V. Johnson and Phyllis A. Johnson; $39,000.


* 6816 Franken Strasse; from Timothy A. Cotton; to Michael L. Martin; $280,000.


* 775 Pete Junk Road; from Nathaniel W. Lauer and Margaret C. Lauer; to Michael A. Stiern; $202,500.

* 2505 Keim Road; from Michael R. Shoemaker and Kathleen Shoemaker; to Geraldine J. Snyder; $207,000.


* 634 N. Main St.; from First Bank; to XYZ Properties LLC 624; $650,000.

* 929 Briar Meadow Court; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Gregory O. Cugier; $224,500.

* 906 Meadowlark Drive; from Scott Credit Union; to Larry J. Seipp and Theresa J. Seipp; $129,000.

* 422 Highland Peak Court; from Brian Herson and Rhina Herson; to Nada P. Ponce and Andrew G. Ponce; $190,500.

* 7084 Milburn Estates Drive; from Marvin Iffert and Kiley Iffert; to Robert Crouse and Nikkilina Crouse; $252,500.

* 119 Fortress Drive; from Jason Logsdon and Carrie Logsdon; to Bobby Brown and Shauna Brown; $625,000.

* 264 Eagle Ridge; from Dorothy Oldfield; to JSMH Development LLC; $36,000.

* 315 Agens Drive; from Michael C. Cornweall and Kathy L. Cornwall; to Diamante Capital LLC; $19,500.

* 1706 St. Andrews Drive; from Anthony Schanuel and Mary M. Schanuel; to Stefanie A. Stark; $168,000.


* 745 Glen Mor; from Natalie D. Durbin and Shawn P. Durbin; to Tiffany Marie Gorman; $215,000.


* 5444 White Oak Drive; from Charles R. Norton; to Stanley R. Phillips and Carol A. Phillips; $275,000.


* 220 Greenhaven Drive; from James A. Kopp Jr. and Robert D. Kopp Sr.; to Brenda M. Denton; $180,000.

* 1957 Llewellyn Road; from Stacey Guenther and Sean Davis; to Laverne Etheridge and Jenelle Knepper; $34,000.

* 1830 N. 15th St.; from Wholesale Only Homes LLC; to Kelvin Simmons II; $42,000.



* 56 Fairmount Drive South; from Elizabeth Ann Pitrolo; to Mark A. Haggard and Britta J. Haggard; $235,000.

* 531 8th St.; from Sharon L. Massalone and Angela L. Walz; to Richard Stark; $71,500.

* 3867 Coronado Drive; from Carol Glascock; to Kevin Cotter; $77,000.

* 23 Marietta Place West; from John B. Wethington and Nannette M. Wethington; to Katie Rodgers and Joan C. Payne; $96,000.

* 3019 Forest Drive; from doanld E. Groshong, Donald E. Groshong, Leslie Groshong; to Joshua Hellrung; $71,500.


* 437 Texas Blvd.; from Vernon E. Anderson Jr.; to Caleb W. Slatena and Jamie L. Slaten; $127,500.

* 519 Texas Blvd.; from Laura M. Beckman, Laura M. Fedrick, Marshall Beckman; to Keith W. Stanford and Helen Stanford; $122,500.


* 236 St. Louis Road; from William A. Forness and Emily L. Harrison; to Amelia C. Flood; $75,000.

* 4 Hillsborough Drive; from Frank R. Killian, Bonita K. Killian, Benita K. Killian; to Gregory S. Davisson, Laura Lee Davisson, Chelsea N. French; $230,000.

* 417 Camelot Drive; from Bryan A. Moody, Christie R. Moody, Christie R. Deaton; to Jeffrey Bemis and Dana Bemis; $159,000.

* 689 Oak Trail; from Amy Nicole Ogunjobi and Stephen Ogunjobi; to LFG Properties LLC; $115,000.

* 104 Gauen; from Theresa M. Vollink and Jonathon Vollink; to George E. Goodman Jr.; $80,000.

* 3047 Keebler Road; from Jeffrey M. Bemis and Dana M. Bemis; to James P. Mundy; $281,500.

* 112 3rd St.; from Sammy Norsigian, Darala Norsigian, Darla Nelson; to Rhiannon Hesiner; $92,000.

* 102 Julia St.; from Keith A. Langreder and Diana C. Langreder; to Kent M. Hagemann; $117,000.

* 904 Prospect St.; from Cochran Homes LLC; to Kimberly Sue Romero; $147,000.

* 11 Duplex Court; from Osborn Osborn LLC; to Tod Lindow; $196,000.

523 & 525 Chestnut St.; from Osborn Osborn LLC; to Tod Lindow; $87,000.


* 614 Sitze Drive; from William B. Riggs, Brenda J. McCall, Timothy E. Riggs, William N. Riggs; to Jacob Martin and Melissa Silvey; $59,000.

* 230 McCasland Ave.; from The Edge Bank, TheEdgeBank; to Farmer Construction LLC; $25,000.


* 3918 Shale Drive; from Phelps Construction Inc.; to Patrick Podstawa and Pamela Podstawa; $455,000.

* 700 Autumn Forest; from Landau Enterprises LLC; to Stuart K. Kim, Sarah Jacqueline Strange Kim, Sarah Jacqueline Strange, Sarah Jacqueline Kim; $344,000.

* 7357 Providence Drive; from Joseph W. Stottler and Kelly Stottler; to Veronica Schwartz; $388,000.

* 7097 Stallion Drive; from Federal Home Mortgage Corp.; to Daniele Obermark; $192,500.

* 6501 Fox View Drive; from Cynthia L. Riggins and Shirley F. Hausman; to Victor J. Capron and Krista M. Charnisky; $368,000.

* 968 Hawk Island Court; from Andrew M. Buckley and Cynthia Dawn Greene; to Rachel Valdez Reynolds, Rachel Reynolds, Rachel Valdez, Anthony Valdez; $140,000.

* 816 Troy Road; from Alan D. Geis, Kimberly K. Morgan Geis, Kimberly K. Morgan, Kimberly K. Geis; to Christian T. Strasen; $120,000.

* 3330 Snider; from Vicksburg Development Inc.; to Donald Wayne Unger; $90,000.

* 716 Slippery Rock Drive; from Jenifer L. Bass Patino, Jenifer L. Bass, Jenifer Patino; to Michael T. Lotz and Tara L. Lotz; $200,000.

* 27 Brookshire Lane; from Victor J. Capron and Krista M. Charnisky; to Valen Wagner; $246,000.


* 22 Crystal Court; from Loy Neal Patterson and Kristina Patterson; to John R. Simmons and Meah M. Simmons; $276,000.

* 112 Oakshire Drive East; from James Jesse and Stacy Jesse; to Edgar L. Tohill, Marilyn K. Tohill, Earl R. Macam, Gwen E. Tohill Macam, Gwen E. Tohill, Gwen E. Macam; $250,000.

* 153 Ginger Hill Court; from Joseph T. Broms and Kelly Marie Broms; to Nicholas J. Certa and Laura A. Certa; $291,000.

* 39 Austin Ave.; from Matras Investments Co.; to Charles D. Youchoff Jr. and Shari A. Youchoff; $150,000.

* 14 Jason Drive; from Gabriel Wise, Lesley Wise, Lesley Horstmann; to Joseph Dittrich; $180,000.

* 208 Cascade Drive; from Aleana Hiles; to Shawn Martin and Dea M. Martin; $167,000.

* 4 Carriage Lane; from Claire Ann Donnelly; to Richard Charles Parks; $102,500.


* 1300 Duval Drive; from Danny C. Rowe and Carmen L. Rowe; to Dianna J. Lefevre; $198,000.


* 3 Watertown Circle; from Michael Brooks and Karla M. Brooks; to Ryan Shepherd; $84,500.

* 2415 Delta Ave.; from Gregory A. Heintz; to Jose J. Segovia Roman, Jose J. Segovia, Jose J. Roman; $77,000.

* 4265 Marigold Drive; from Robert W. Mertz; to Samuel J. Null; $71,000.

* 3261 Edgewood Ave.; from Robert W. Leibold, Doris K. Ritchie, Doris K. Leibold; to Adrian Ducasse; $122,000.

* 2001 Manley; from Matthew M. Jackson and Crystal L. Jackson; to Christine Ann Dallas; $96,000.

* 5583 Old Alton Road; from Brian Brady and Wendy Brady; to Shannon Mick; $150,000.

* 3130 Yale Drive; from Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, CWABS Inc.; to Max Norris; $34,000.


* 110 Bridgewater Lane; from Joshua A. Barber and Jaclyn R. Barber; to Michael Evans; $166,000.

* 375 Baneberry Drive; from KEvin N. Quitmeyer; to Todd R. Luitjohan and Sabrina L. Luitjohan; $243,000.

* 75 Sunbeam Drive; from Matthe wd. Koerber and Stephanie Koerber; to Brian Abraham; $183,000.

* 40 Crescent View Lane; from A J Associates Inc.; to Robert G. Johnson and Michelle L. Johnson; $40,000.

* 3 Pin Oak Drive; from Dominic Fornelli and Mary Jane Fornelli; to Phillip L. Markus and Danielle N. Markus; $140,000.


* 2609 Iron Horse Drive; from Gerald C. Becker and Janelle M. Becker; to Michael D. Swiney; $198,500.

* 28 Dogwood Terrace; from Mark W. Wilcox and Kathleen M. Wilcos; to Patricia E. Dumstorff; $195,000.

* 917 Woodland Drive; from Nicholas J. Certa and Laura A. Certa; to Austin G. Tebbe and Jennifer A. Gorrell; $184,500.

* 2203 Williams St.; from Jeffrey Mark Rosenkranz, Mark Rosenkranz, Christine E. Rosenkranz; to Eric Johnson; $140,000.

* 6963 Magona Court; from Milburn Road LLC; to Musec Homes Inc.; $14,000.


* 241 Clover St.; from Jamie L. Slaten, Jamie L. Bowermaster, Caleb W. Slaten; to Barbara L. Cook; $88,000.


* 503 5th St.; from Deb Myers Gaultney , Deb Myers, Deb Gaultney, Kerry M. Gaultney, D K Properties; to Andrew M. Miller and Donisha L. Miller, $168,000.

* 9725 Meriwether Drive; from Ronald Ottensmeier and Terri Ottensmeier; to William D. Wesselman and Christine R. Wesselman; $500,000.

* 141 Jessica Drive; from Jesse Potter and Michelle Potter; to Joshua T. Daniels; $119,000.


* 8617 View Point Lane; from AMC Helldoerfer LLC; to James Panacopoulos and Kristie Panacopoulos; $70,000.

* 520A Mockingbird St.; from Investcon LLC; to All Biz Properties LLC; $133,000.

* 312 Ambrose Drive; from John N. Dimitroff and Kathryn A. Dimitroff; to Michael Tomso; $210,000.

* 952 Wagon Trail Court; from James Jara and Julie Jara; to Ricky D. Kirkpatrick and Donna Lynn Harvey; $144,000.


* 946 Willow St.; from Jessye L. Moran and Russell L. Moran; to Melissa Gray and Howard Jacob Gray; $89,000.


* 1718 Fountainbleu Drive; from Joseph B. Daugherty and Jean I. Daugherty; to John G. Daugherty and Jennifer D. Daugherty; $110,000.

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